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national stationery show booth

akiko ruiz

 trade show booth set up

To design and make a booth was probably the most fun and stressful part to prepare for the National Stationery Show. Although I had a vague vision from the beginning, I didn't know how to make it possible. I wanted wood walls to make it steady, but didn't know how to build it or where to order. Fortunately, my talented friend Mimi from Clapclap introduced a guy who can make walls and shelves. They saved my life! It was bare wood, so we painted the walls and shelves ourselves. I wanted a simple yet sophisticated booth and most importantly cohesive to my brand, so it was an easy decision to paint black and white.     

 trade show booth crate 

After getting all the materials including walls, shelves, table, chairs and frames etc, I put them all in a crate and shipped it to NY (to a warehouse in NJ to be exact). I was worried if my crate would make it on time, but freight company handled it good. It was so nice to meet my crate again in front of the booth! * I was told to take a picture before unpacking our crate so that we can see it when we repack again after the show is over. 

 trade show booth set up

I got a bunch of frames for art prints, but didn't plan on how to arrange them (I know I should have). It took a little time, but I'm so happy how it turned out (I'll post the final look on the next post).  It took us two and half days to build the 10 x 6ft corner booth.. I have no idea how the fellow vendors did it so fast! Anyway, I can't thank enough to my friends who helped me and I couldn't make it without my husband's support. So I thank you! *Below is the list of where I got my supplies in case you're interested. 

Table & Chair - Ikea
Floor Mat - Rubber Flooring
Frames - Michaels and Aaron Brothers
Crate Company - Orange County Crating
Freight Company - Transit Air Cargo (Orange County, CA to NJ)

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