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national stationery show booth 2

akiko ruiz

 national stationery show booth

Here's the final look of our booth at the National Stationery Show! I was extremely happy the booth turned out just as I imagined. I mentioned it on the previous post too, but I believe the most important thing to consider when you design your booth is to be cohesive to your brand. If you have colorful, fun line, your booth should have the vibe too. I personally like simple walls so that the products stands out more, but I saw some very fun booths with lots of decorations. It really depends on what you want and what impression you want to make to people. 

 national stationery show booth
 trade show booth design
 wall art decor
 national stationery show booth
 national stationery show booth

Many people say the lighting is very important, and they are so right! It looked very dark without having extra lights on the booth. It costs a lot to exhibit the show already, but I feel like investing to the lighting is almost mandatory. I invested in a Percun light, which is very bright (1000w) and I'm glad I did! I wrote the source of where I got the materials on the previous post. Hope this post will help you in some way. 

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