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how to grow instagram followers

akiko ruiz

 how to grow instagram followers

Aww instagram. It's been all about instagram, isn't it? Now instagram story came out (snapchat look alike..!). Instagram is so much fun but at the same time, it's little overwhelming for a small business. Believe me, I love instagram and I spend way too much time on the app (aka: instagram black hole). I'm still trying to figure it out how to use it effectively and I feel like a lot of people feel the same. So I want to share about an e-book I came across recently because it's so useful. It's not only about gaining followers but also how to engage people more. It's the most important thing in the end. I've been following Ria @craftsposure since the very beginning and she gives us tips how she grow so many followers within a year. I really appreciate she gives us the e-book (for free!) and I'd like to share it with you too! You can download the e-book here.   

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