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10 items for happy new year

akiko ruiz

 new year gift idea

New Year New start! Our beauty items card featured in PLSR article. What lovely collections! We love all the items and are so happy to be included. Thank you Public Live Secret Recipes!
* This articles are also featured on The Real Mama's & Christina Milian 

** Below are the details **

1. Stationary: Sure an emailed thank you or a follow up call is a nice touch but if you really want to stand out, make a difference, & leave an impact in both the professional & personal worlds, a hand written note is the way to go. We’re beyond obsessed with these cards from AKR Design Studio who also happen to have the cutest Instagram feed!

2. Swimsuit: This gorgeous lace up, high waisted swimsuit is just the motivation we need to kick sweater season bods to the curb. Purchase something that will get you excited to eat healthy & workout this new year.

3. Water Bottle: Maybe you have a few dozen all over your house or maybe you don’t have one at all, either way we urge you to invest in a new water bottle you actually like this year. Carrying around a chic water bottle such as this marble one will help you consume more water without you even realizing it!

4. Workout Gear: This stunning FitBit is the perfect way to track our exercise & get us motivated to keep going. Plus it doesn’t look half bad on the wrist! This new year purchase something that will encourage your workout routine whether it’s this FitBita yoga mat, or new leggings, anything to get the job done!

5. Something For You: Sure all the things on this list are technically for you but start your new year off with putting yourself first. It’s not a selfish act, instead it’s a vital one. Make sure to put your health & happiness above all this year to make it the best one yet!

6. Investment Pieces: You know those stunning OTK boots you’ve been eyeing season after season but just can’t get yourself to splurge on? Well if you’re like us by now you’ve racked up about 4 less expensive options that don’t survive nearly one year due to their poor construction, weather, or other factors. Take the plunge & finally hit “proceed to checkout” on something that you’ll have for years & years to come.

7. Organizational Items: Begin the new year on a fresh note both mentally & physically. Start by organizing that desk drawer, closet rack, or anything else that needs a good deep clean. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself later on.

8. Makeup: Regardless if you’re more natural with your makeup or if you’re the next Kylie Jenner, swap out your current makeup bag for all new products. Most makeup expires or is not as effective after 6 months so get in the habit of replacing it as you need. You might even see a huge transformation in your skin afterwards!

9. Kitchen Essentials: Invest in some high quality kitchen essentials that will make cooking & eating healthy fun. This blender not only looks good on your counter but is SO simple to use. It’s one item that has helped us transition breakfast from pancakes to smoothie bowls & so many other healthy alternatives.

10. Agenda: All of these products above will help you ring in 2017 on a fresh, more organized, & happier note. This planner is the cherry on top, helping you know which meeting is next, when your next vacation is, & of course, when all these products listed above are getting delivered!

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