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6 lessons how to Instagram right for handmade businesses

akiko ruiz

I'm so honored that I shared my Instagram tips on along with other amazing makers! Instagram is obviously the most important social media for handmade business and I hope these tips help you to create your brands identity. You can check the original article here!

1) Develop a strong identity (and stick to it)
At its core, your brand is what (potential) customers know about you. A successful brand identity communicates as much information as possible about who you are in less than a second. The imagery and content in your Instagram feed should be consistent with your identity. Stick to uniform filter, voice and message to build trust and an emotional connection with your audience.

"Each photo is important but overall balance is the key to make a beautiful feed. I use the app Later and see how it looks before posting. Even though I have a nice picture I want to post, if it doesn't look good or something looks off means it doesn't compliment the overall feed, I won't post it until it looks right. Treat your Instagram feed as your portfolio because that's where your potential customers/clients check first these days. "

@ pfcandleco
"People decide to follow by looking at your feed at a glance, so it has to look cohesive. Use VSCO, iCloud, or an app like Planoly, to plan your feed out. This allows you to see how colors and image styles are working together"

2) Keep it Clean
Over 40 billion images have been published on Instagram. Users now expect a certain standard of professionalism and artfulness, especially from businesses. Keep your audience’s interest intact with high-quality images, and take advantage of natural lighting. This will not only prevent you from the temptation of going overboard with a myriad of clashing filters, but preserve a consistently aesthetically-pleasing feed. Remember, it’s all about quality.

"Remember that a little bit goes a long way! Natural light makes or breaks a photo, so if you already have a well-lit photo, you can keep the editing subtle and let your composition do all the work. Avoid using filters at 100% (10 - 20% is a good range for us), and resist the temptation to bump the clarity too much!"

3) Know your audience
The success of your Instagram comes down to one thing: whether your feed speaks to your audience. It should communicate the meaning of your brand in a way that feels relevant to your community. Customers have expectations about who you should be and how your brand will fit into their lives. Your posts should be consistent with an authentic personality — one that resonates with a specific group of people. The easiest way to do this is to embrace and emphasize your natural appeal to a certain subculture.

Pay closely attention to your audience (not numbers), who they are and how they interact with specific content; what they react to / don't react to. Every page attracts a specific audience and it's important to jump in their shoes and get a taste of their perspective - build these relationships and engage with them on a personal level.

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